Safety in Antennas

Antennas should never be placed in such a way that they can fall or blow down on power lines. Also, it should not be possible for power lines to fall or blow down on an antenna.
Wireless equipment having outdoor antennas should not be used during thundershowers, or when lightning is anywhere in the vicinity. Antenna construction and maintenance should never be undertaken when lightning is visible or thunder can be heard, even if a storm appears to be many miles away. Ideally, antennas should be disconnected from electronic equipment, and connected to a substantial earth ground, at all times when the equipment is not in use.
Tower and antenna climbing is a job for professionals. Under no circumstances should an inexperienced person attempt to climb such a structure.
Indoor transmitting antennas can expose operating personnel to EM field energy. The extent of the hazard, if any, posed by such exposure has not been firmly established. However, there is sufficient concern to warrant checking the latest publications on the topic.
For detailed information concerning antenna safety, consult a professional antenna engineer and/or a comprehensive text on antenna design and construction.